SSM B4000

A Complete Mechanical Testing Lab - In One Machine

Stress-Strain Microprobe® SSM-B4000 Benchtop System - 17.80 KN / 4000 lb

The SSM® system, using the Automated Ball Indentation®  (ABI® ) test technique, is the only system that performs localized and and nondestructive tests to measure actual key mechanical properties of metallic structures or very small samples. The SSM® system with its ABI® test replaces conventional universal testing machines for tension and fracture toughness testing and eliminates the need to cut components and specimens.

SSM-Suite™ software included with each turnkey system includes ABI®  and Tensile Test modules. The benchtop system also operates as computer-controlled universal test machine for conventional destructive testing if desired.

The SSM® system is a complete mechanical testing lab in one machine.


SSM-Suite Modules (not included with turnkey system)

  • Destructive Fracture Toughness (E813, E1737, E1820)

  • Indentation-Creep™

  • Indentation-Stress-Relaxation™

  • Fiber Push-out


Materials available:

  • Tungsten Carbide

  • Silicon Nitride

Sizes available:

  • 0.25 mm /0.010 in

  • 0.051 mm/0.020 in

  • 0.76 mm/0.030 in

  • 1.57 mm/0.062 in

Load cell and conditioner:
Sizes available:

  • 22.7 kg/50 lb

  • 45.4 kg/100 lb

  • 113.4 kg/250 lb

  • 226.8kg/500 lb

  • 454.0kg/1000 lb

  • 2270kg/5000 lb

X-Y Positioning Table, video camera, camera support

Video capture card and integrated software

Fiber optic illumination kit

Cool/Heat chamber and controller - model ENV800
temperature range: -157oC/250oF to 800oC/1472oF

Swivel Mount for specimen leveling

LVDT and signal conditioner (spare or replacement)

LVDT calibration instrument

Fracture toughness grips: for specimen thickness 4.57mm/ 0.18in & 12.70mm/0.50 in

Clip gage and signal conditioner for fracture toughness

Clip gage calibration instrument (not for export)