Press Release

ABI Services is Now ABI Innovation™

ABI Services is pleased to announce that we are now ABI Innovation™. This new direction will allow us to concentrate on providing and developing the most innovative solutions for non-destructive field-testing equipment and systems, such as the ABI® In-Line Inspection Tool. ABI Innovation™ will make field and laboratory testing systems available for sale to operators, qualified contractors, and research laboratories. As of May 29, 2019, we will no longer be offering field testing services.

ABI Innovation™ systems are developed to capture accurate data and facilitate ease of use on a project site, in the field, or in a research laboratory. This new direction will allow operators, owners and qualified contractors to acquire proprietary ABI Innovation™ systems. Our core focus will be providing cutting-edge technology, research and development.

Providing a Cost and Schedule Advantage

Our products are designed for quick training and adoption by field technicians, thereby reducing concerns about workforce availability. ABI® systems come with a one-year warranty and onsite training for up to 4 technicians.


Developed originally for applications within the nuclear industry, ABI® systems have been used on pressure vessels, forgings, coke drums, offshore platforms, bridges, and oil & gas pipelines to deterministically assess the structural integrity of these components following normal and accident service conditions and to improve the operational efficiency safely and expeditiously. Our passion is enabling the success of users. Learn more about ABI® technology through our library, FAQs, and video resources.

For more information, feel free to send us an email.