ABI Services (ABIS) Demonstrates ABI® Technology at ASME PVP Conference

ABI Services conducts demonstrations of the ABI® Mobile test system at the 2014 ASME Pipeline and Pressure Vessel Conference in Anaheim, California.

Anaheim, California – July 21, 2014 – ABI Services, LLC (ABIS) was in California on Monday demonstrating Automated Ball Indentation® (ABI®) technology to attendees of the 2014 ASME Pipeline and Pressure Vessel Conference. Fahmy Haggag, ABI® inventor and ABIS president, was on hand to answer questions and explain the technology.

ABI® is a unique mechanical test that nondestructively measures the tensile and fracture toughness properties of metals and metallic structures. Unlike conventional tensile test methods, which require material to be cut from a structure and destructively tested in a lab, ABI® can be performed in-situ and nondestructively.

The majority of ABIS’s work is in the oil and natural gas industry. ABIS uses the Stress-Strain Microprobe® (SSM) Mobile system developed in 1996 by its sister company, Advanced Technology Corporation. ABI® technology has been used in the field since 1997. Thousands of nondestructive ABI® tests have been performed worldwide on oil and natural gas pipelines. ABIS ‘clients include most of the industry’s leading companies.

 The largely international audience was impressed with the technology, many of whom were seeing it for the first time.