Inspection and evaluation of aging infrastructure continues to receive considerable attention. The characterization of aging responses in structural materials entails establishing the fundamental relationships between service and environmental exposure and material properties. Service failures due to inaccurate characterization of aging responses might result in costly repair or premature component replacement. ABI Services, LLC (ABIS) uses its portable/in-situ Stress-Strain Microprobe® (SSM) system  to nondestructively measure yield strength, true- stress versus true-plastic-strain curve, strength coefficient, strain-hardening exponent, and to estimate fracture toughness. The SSM technology will allow: (1) establishing current key mechanical properties which are needed as input for various damage prediction models as well as to re-evaluate the safety factors, and (2) periodic monitoring of aging infrastructure to develop correlations between the SSM-measured mechanical properties and the damage accumulation as a function of  service usage.