Who We Are

ABI Services, LLC provides field and laboratory testing services, and related consulting services that include fitness-for-service, failure analysis, and fracture mechanics. We use Stress-Strain Microprobe® (SSM) systems exclusively for our testing. The SSM technology is unique because it uses the innovative Automated Ball Indentation®  (ABI® ) test technique which provides Tensile and Fracture Toughness properties of metals without the additional costs and lost time of conventional destructive tension and fracture toughness tests.

Over the years, thousands of ABI®  tests have been conducted on metallic structural components (pressure vessels, forgings, coke drums, oil and gas pipelines, offshore platforms, bridges, etc.) The in-situ, nondestructive ABI®  tests have helped numerous customers in various industries to deterministically assess the structural integrity of these components following normal and accident service conditions and to improve the operational efficiency safely and expeditiously.

In addition to non-destructive ABI®  testing, we perform conventional, destructive tensile and fracture toughness testing in our lab. The SSM System is also a Universal Test Machine, and the SSM-Suite Software package has modules for tensile and fracture toughness testing.

Our company is backed by 25 years of proven technological innovation. We use the Stress-Strain Microprobe® (SSM) with its ABI®  test method developed by ATC in both field and lab applications. We also offer related consulting services that include fitness-for-service evaluations, failure analysis, fracture mechanics analysis.