ABI Services, LLC (ABIS) Commences Operations

ABI Services, LLC (ABIS) will commence operations in February 2013. The new company will encompass the service operations currently performed by Advanced Technology Corporation (ATC). ABIS is dedicated exclusively to the business of field and laboratory testing and is the only commercial testing company in the world that uses the Stress-Strain Microprobe® (SSM) system with its Automated Ball Indentation™ technique to nondestructively measure the mechanical properties of metallic structures, components, and samples. In the fiercely competitive mechanical testing market, ABIS aims to establish a robust and dynamic presence with its unique and proven capabilities.

ABIS capabilities include, but are not limited to, the in-situ testing of liquid and gas pipelines, forged components, steel bridges, and storage tanks. ABIS also performs laboratory testing at its Oak Ridge facility. In addition to room temperature ABI testing ABIS can perform high and low temperature testing, as well as conventional destructive testing.